3 Resources For Beginners To CrossFit

So you decided to start CrossFit huh? Well congratulations, you are on your way to a stronger you.

You have a lot to learn before you start killing workouts though. CrossFit is filled with very high level barbell and gymnastic movements that take months to even get the basics. Your coach will teach you everything that you need to know to execute these movements safely and with precision. But if you really want to learn it's best to supplement class time with some online resources.

Technique WOD

Technique WOD is a series of videos produced by the good folks over at Barbell Shrugged. They break down each movement just like we do in our classes, but this time you can pause and rewind.

If you are struggling with a particular movements, say the snatch, it is always a good idea to search youtube for videos to fix your technique. Just remember that there is no replacement for a skilled coach.


The CrossFit Journal

CrossFit HQ (the corporate company) puts out a lot of really interesting content every week on their affiliated website, the CrossFit Journal. Some of it relates to culture, business and of course performance.

If you search the archives you can find hours worth of videos, blogs and interviews discussing proper technique for CrossFit movements. I suggest you begin your reading at the "Start Here" tab and then work your way to some other articles.

California Strength

The olympic lifts are by the hardest and most technical barbell movements to master. Learn from some of the best athletes in the country by subscribing to this youtube channel.

You can find hundreds of videos for every level of athlete, from beginner to elite. There is often some funny videos mixed in there too.

Remember none of these resources can replace a skilled coach. Having eyes on your movements and getting feedback in real time is critical for your long term success in CrossFit. Make sure that you attend classes regularly.