Why You Need To Cancel Your Globo Gym Membership

If you've never done CrossFit before its understandable why your confused about all the hype. You may ask your friend "You pay $150 to workout in a gym with treadmills or machines?"

Once you do CrossFit for a week you start to understand everything that is right with CrossFit and everything that is wrong with a conventional health club.

You Get What You Pay For

Many will ask why they should pay for a premium membership to a CrossFit gym when the gym down the street is only $10 a month. The reason is that we have very different business models.

A typical health club banks on the fact that you won't ever show up. In fact most facilities would be overrun  if all of their members actually show up 4 times a week. They design their facility to get people in the door long enough to sign up for membership but to never actually use the gym. For them this means more paying members and less overhead.

CrossFit gyms are different. If someone is paying that much for a membership we expect them to show up. In fact at CrossFit Petram if someone shows up less than 10 times in a given month we will give them a call or email to make sure everything is OK. We 

We Value Our Coaches

The typical health club is like a parking lot. Members have no real goals when they come in, they wander around trying to figure out how to exercise until they give up and end up walking on a treadmill while texting. Most of the staff has no experience in the fitness industry and certainly aren't motivated to help their members.

At CrossFit Petram and other CrossFit gyms things are different. All of our classes are small (we cap them out at 12 athletes). From beginning to end you have our coaches undivided attention.

Coach Nick

We have the experience too. All of our coaches have all been doing CrossFit for at least two years, go through 30 hours of on hands training and many of them regularly pursue additional certifications.

One Word: Community

As a gym we believe one of our most valuable tools is our community. The average CrossFit gym has about 100 members (compared to health clubs that can have thousands of members). Being part of this small tribe means everyone will you accountable and help you through tough workouts. We sweat together, get better together and sometimes even party together (we love happy hours!).

Everyone has a smile on their face when they come through our doors. CrossFit is the best hour of our athletes day, and you too will find yourself looking forward to working out.

The take Away

CrossFit isn't about being a freak athlete or grunting a lot. It's about getting a little better every single day. Unlike other gyms we want you to come workout, get better and have fun.

So whenever you are ready give us your email and our coaches will be waiting for you!

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