9/12 Hell Yea!

This week, we have not one, but TWO members of the Petram community who have really pushed themselves, and who the coaches and I have decided need to be recognized for their efforts in the gym. 

Kelsey DeBoda, one of our prior members of the month, has been tinkering between scaling her workouts and hitting them RX when possible. This past Wednesday, the workout included squat cleans are 95 pounds for the ladies. Kelsey went ahead and attempted the workout with the prescribed percentages, and while it may have taken her longer than it normally would have, she was able to mark RX at the end of her workout. Pushing yourself past your comfort level is how we all grow, but to actually pull that weight on the barbell is easier said then done. Coach Nick came over to me and told me about how great it was to see our members pushing themselves and showing the improvement we all seek.

But Kelsey was not the only one who impressed the coaches with that workout. Vince Disabella stepped up to the plate and made an effort to make all 60 of those pull ups as pretty as possible. Coach Nick mentioned he was impressed with Vince's effort in hitting the full range of motion on each of his pulls ups. I also had the pleasure of working out with Vince in a team workout a few weeks ago, which Vince said to me, "We'll be lucky if we finish two rounds and change". After about 8 minutes of hell, Vince and I were able to say we completed 3 sets of the workout with a few extra reps. I don't know if I could have gotten that much work in without Vince pushing me!

So if you see Vince or Kelsey this week, be sure to give them a HELL YEA!