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The Story Of The 20 Mile Journey...

Build Consistency In CrossFit and Fitness Will Come

In 1911, two teams led separate expeditions on a race to the South Pole. The journey over the most extreme weather and terrain on Earth was over 1800 nautical miles which is almost a round trip from Chicago to New York City. The press covered the beginning of this 100 day trek intensely.

The first team was led by Robert Falcon Scott. His team would march as far as they could on the good weather days, and then rest when the weather turned. Some days they would march 40 or more miles, while the other days they would only march 5.

The second team was led by Ronald Amundsen. His team dedicated themselves to marching 20 miles a day. On days during rough weather or terrain it may take them longer, and on good days it would take them shorter, but they were consistent.

In the end it was Amundsen's team that won. His consistent approach led to his victory while Scott's team perished in the Antarctic after reaching Amundsen's flag at the South Pole.

Your Own 20 Mile Journey In CrossFit

This story is very similar to our members' journeys. Some will take Scott's approach where some weeks they will hit 5 workouts, 3 yoga sessions and maybe some extra strength work. Others will take Amundsen's approach. Whether they are swamped at work or there is 4 inches of snow they will make it 4 days a week no matter what.

After being in different CrossFit gyms for nearly a half decade it is obvious to me that those that are consistent in their effort ultimately reach their goals more fully and quicker. Many athletes get distracted by trying to find a silver bullet to take them to the next level. They are always the ones starting the newest and sexiest lifting program or showing up with a 20 pound vest for Murph, but never able to stick to any one thing.

The unfortunate fact is that there is no secret. It's about consistently showing up, ready to work your ass off, every day. Some days you will feel great, other days not so much. The only important thing is that you show up and that you trust the process.

Consistency, no matter how small the effort, will always beat short term intensity.

-Coach Nick

Eat Clean, Train Dirty

Nutrition - Why it's important to eat clean:


There is benefit of vegetables as primary source of carbs

Don't Be Like Mike  Stay Away From Simple Carbs Like Bread and Hamburger Buns

Don't Be Like Mike

Stay Away From Simple Carbs Like Bread and Hamburger Buns

       -Eating whole foods is proven to keep you fuller for longer. Foods like vegetables are packed with fiber, an indigestible component that absorbs water and slows digestion. When in the stomach, fiber dense foods absorb water and hang out in the stomach a little longer than foods not containing fiber. They slow down the process of digestion and are referred to as "slow burning carbs." This more slowly digesting energy evenly spreads out throughout the hours following a meal with high fiber foods.

Eating foods with little fiber, highly processed foods or refined grains such as pizza, cereal, snack bars, bread, etc cause rapid digestion. This means that the carb source or sugar in the food is absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream. This causes your blood sugar to skyrocket quickly and then drop within an hour or two. With a quickly fluctuating blood sugar level, you'll always be reaching for another snack. Your body is still processing the food you just ate but the hormones released during this process tell your body that you are hungry and need to eat again. This is damaging for many reasons and is a prime enabler of type 2 diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases. 


What's wrong with dairy?       

Hormones play a huge factor in mood regulation. As I said above, when you digest food, hormones are released into the body. One of the main food groups that throw hormones out of whack is dairy. Dairy contains high levels of sugar. Yes, most often that sugar is natural but your body does not know how to determine natural from added. Regardless of the source sugar causes the blood sugar spike and a rush of insulin to the blood to relieve the sudden spike.

Insulin is a fat promoting hormone that is released in response to sugar (carbohydrate) in the blood. When insulin is present, it reduces the amount of sugar in the blood by sending some back into the cells to be used as energy. The remaining sugar is stored as fat. The more sugar you take in, the more is being stored as fat. Along with fat storage, insulin spikes also cause sugar cravings, overeating tendencies, poor mood and over prolonged periods of time, cause inability to control blood sugar naturally in the body.


Strike 2 for dairy!

In relation to hormones promoted by dairy, milk is produced by impregnated cows. Cows who are preparing food for their young to help them grow and flourish. In order to do that, estrogen is produced and is a major component in the milk along with some testosterone. When we drink milk we are receiving those sex hormones which we have in normal amounts already in the body. When we consume them from outside sources like milk, it can cause our natural levels to be thrown off. This can be especially damaging to our body composition and mood regulation. Just remember what milk is. Baby cow food designed to plump up the young calf and help it to grow strong. We as human adults do not need to be supported in this way or "plumped up." Therefore, dairy is not essential for us and actually quite damaging.


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