Membership Hold / Freeze:

If at anytime you would like to put your membership on hold, you can submit a Membership Hold Request using the following form.

  • All holds will incur a $25 processing fee.

  • Upon completion of the Membership Hold Request the requesting athlete's account will be charged the hold fee using the default Wodify payment method in the athlete's account.  Holds will not start until the fee has been paid.  It is the athlete's responsibility to ensure the membership hold fee was processed.  

  • Holds are available for periods of 2 to 8 weeks.   The membership hold will pause all billing and delay the member's billing cycle the length of the hold.  Upon completion of the requested hold period the member's billing cycle will automatically resume and the member is fully responsible for resumed payments. 

Membership Freeze - CrossFit Petram MOT

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Membership Freeze Start Date
Please let us know all the details of your situation. Anything that can help our staff serve you better is appreciated.
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